Wednesday, May 30, 2007

brain watching

I am going to annoy people at parties by talking about this book.

The book is On Intelligence, by Jeff Hawkins - creator of the PalmPilot - who is, in his words, "crazy about brains". On Intelligence details a proposed framework for how brains work and more excitingly how we perceive, think and 'understand'.

"The most powerful things are simple. Thus this book proposes a simple and straightforward theory of intelligence."

Thank God.

I'm fascinated by brains too. I work in the creative industries and have long felt that we abuse and misunderstand the definition and role of 'creativity'.

I am interested in how we think because it can aid and perhaps even revolutionalise the way we conjure up new ideas. Edward De Bono has made the most progress in this area (as far as I know) but in my opinion spends 95% of his energy reminding readers how great the other 5% is. He did however show the world that 'creativity' is a rebellion against the natural functioning of the brain and even showed us how to defy our neurological instincts.

The book fantastic so far (page 153) and I predict future postings that relate to the culture of 'creativity'.

If that doesn't interest you, here's a great idea concerning another organ.

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