Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Early Designs (ta da)

Today is the day.

Some fantastic stuff already up. So I couldn't wait to share. But I will keep updating this post as the day goes on with more. Please email me if you've taken part and can't see your site linked below:

Michael Johnson revisits the Eighties

Cookie uploads his first ever website

Alistair looks back at the life of an elastic band

Lauren gets a little spiritual (sort of)

Jessica Tsoi says some things in Spanish, which she promises to translate ;)

Matthew Green chews over some early sketchbooks.

Brian Ponto focuses on his portfolio presentation.

Jennifer slices it thin

And the Early Designs Flickr Group is filling up too. Do check it out and get involved.
So far, it includes the work of:

Chris Bolton

Sebastien Antoniou

Susanna Edwards

Durazno Verde

Alex Eben Meyer
And some more from

I'll continue to update this as more people add their work. Plus, I intend to leave the Flickr group open long-term. Let it grow should it look like happening.



Blogger Nathan said...

My early designs are on the way

10:46 pm  

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