Thursday, March 20, 2008

ride your unicycle like you mean it

I saw a chap riding a unicycle to work this morning. Normally I would nod and smile jealously as this kind of thing.
However, he was wobbling to and fro and looked scared shitless. It was as though he was thinking: "Why? Why did I take the bloody unicycle. The Fiat was right next to it - still warm from fetching the papers. But I had to take the unicycle. I feel like a complete plum. And I work in Wimbledon. Bollocks."

My moral for Easter weekend: Ride your unicycle like you mean it.


Blogger Nathan said...

anyone could think you've started working in shorditch or something

4:43 pm  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

actually I joined a circus. it's similar, only the food is cheaper.

6:00 pm  

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