Thursday, March 13, 2008

your brand comms are a blog

With all this talk about blended media and brand being in the head of the consumer, it occurred to me...

A blog is an interesting metaphor for your brand communications.

Your blog is the sum of (almost) everything you choose to express (online)
But very few people will read everything you write.
Some people will only dip in and out.
Many will rarely or never read your blog.
No matter how much you would love people to read every post and remember the last, they probably won't.
Unless you are brilliant.
But even then, what you say today is much more important than what you said yesterday.
Your 'brand' to each reader, is the sum of the posts each person reads/recalls.

If you start to think of your brand communications in the way you think of your blog you quickly approach a fairly humble mindset. A mindset where you acknowledge the power of the reader and that the best thing you can do is make small, valuable contributions to bigger conversations that might interest people that you are interested in.

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