Friday, February 22, 2008

sleeveface reclaimed

Neil just posted his annoyance at how a company had ripped off Sleeveface.

His main gripe was that they had made no attempt to evolve the idea and just slapped their logo in the corner. I agree.

Forgive me for going all Naomi Klein for a moment, but if companies can be lazy enough to assume a logo in the corner makes an idea theirs, then removing that logo reclaims it on behalf of the originator.

You might think I'm a bit of a wanker for this, but any good marketeer knows that somewhere on the brief it says: "It must be an idea that only our brand could do". Therefore only bad, lazy ads can really be reclaimed by covering up the logo. So rather than sitting here with my knickers in a twist, really this is just a way to highlight lazy copying and logo-slapping.

Feel free to reclaim ideas you see ripped off with the cunning use of a similar sticker.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice idea Andy :o)

10:08 am  

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