Friday, February 08, 2008


I just received this message in my shoutbox:

tremorwave said:
Hey, was just doing a bit of random browsing, woo. Anyway, obviously you like using :) I wondered - have you tried idiomag for reviews etc? It creates a magazine based on your favourite artists.

What amused me was the use of the word "woo" to try and make it look like it was a casual user and not a company. Maybe CEOs should try this when they write difficult emails, or even in verbal announcements to staff:

"I've been thinking seriously about our future, woo. And you're fired. :)"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I saddle up I usually go woo to stop and giddy up to start.

But now people use woo for wow.

......So may be there was a typo in a film script about 10 years ago an the actor went woo instead of wow. Then the film becomes a corner stone of contemporary yout culture and here we are.

I bet sooo the same happened with so.


2:48 pm  
Blogger Ki11er said...

thank you christopher. glad to see you're still finding time for recreational drugs at work.

I like the idea that a typo could fool the actor so easily. "This is Ron Burgundy?"

3:10 pm  

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