Wednesday, April 09, 2008

contains violence

Last night I went to an interesting piece of theatre at The Lyric, in Hammersmith, London. Basic premise: We sat on top of the theatre roof and the 'play' unravelled in the offices across the square from us. Now that's voyeurism.

We were given headphones so we could hear everything that was going on in the rooms opposite. It was also very cold - hence my stupid hat. Although it doesn't explain why my girlfriend, Wrisley is doing Judo-hands.

And we all got binoculars so we could peep properly.

So we didn't miss important bits, like the inflation of pink balloons.

Or the murder of a man in his pants.

It was a really interesting experience, but as The Guardian points out, the story didn't back up the novelty of the medium. Still, I enjoyed it. The script - while odd and unsatisfying, was very amusing at times. Digging all this immersive/novelty theatre at the moment. Just waiting for someone to create a narrative that these intriguing formats deserve.



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