Sunday, May 11, 2008

peep vs ogle

I watched the second episode of the new Peep Show last night. Anyone else a little disappointed in the new series?

I am and I think I realised why.

Peep Show trades on the same currency as The Office and even Fawlty Towers: Highlighting tragic personalities and being excruciating to watch. Both of which are brilliant.

But part of the genius of this approach is making the audience preempt the awful moment the show is building up to. I.e. When Jeremy killed the dog of a girl we had hooked up with in Season 3/4. We knew he had done it and were just waiting - on edge - for the characters in the show to find out.

In the new series, there is no anticipation. All the painful moments just kind of happen.

It's a shame. Part of the joy of good communication and narrative is anticipation. The people that name their show after a form of strip-tease should know that.


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