Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the editor’s new clothes

As the dust settles around GPS and its associated technologies we are sure to witness the arrival of more and more services that try to satisfy needs we don't yet know we have.

Mobile social networking sites like Dodgeball enable you to find out if a friend of a friend of yours in in a bar near-by, for (a fairly straightforward) example.

I thought of one this morning. You make a digital note of what clothes you wear when you go out; your handset stores what you wore, but more importantly, where you were and who else was there. Now, if you have a new favourite outfit you can wear it as much as possible, making sure only a new audience sees it each time.

The service could include private communities for (mostly) girls who want to make sure they don't clash too. And of course highlight near-by stores that sell a paper bag for your head.

I wonder if you could do this for the jokes you tell too.

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Blogger cpea said...

yes, I think most people on the planet would find this very useful indeed.

3:59 pm  

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