Saturday, December 29, 2007

the cog effect spreads

First came Cog.
An exhaust pipe hit a spring, which knocked a Wunderbaum (or something) and we all applauded excitedly. Since then there's been an onslaught of adverts inspired by this domino mechanic. I don't need to bang on - we know which ones they are. These Guinness and Verizon ads represent recent efforts from the UK and US respectively.

It seems the cog effect has spread to digital (if you avoid a discussion about whether an ad on YouTube is digital). I just found this rather charming intro animation for Dutch company Hema (via Popgadget).

What is it with our fascination with these sequences? I guess they present us with a quick-paced narrative we can't look away from in case we miss something. I'm not going to analyse that any further here. Weeee - they're fun. That'll do for now. I wonder where this idea will turn up next.. a domino ralley from my letter box up to my bed to deliver me my paper? That would be nice. Come on Fallon.


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