Tuesday, February 26, 2008

flash gordon and the power of stuff

I know I'm several years late to get too excited about designer flash drives, but stick with me. This is Gordon. My girlfriend just bought him for me.

Not only is he useful and cool looking, but he's a fine example of added value.

He came in a little tube that held him, suspended a bit like (cough) space-travel folk in the movies. Or something.

And if the urge takes you, you can raise him up on a little platform like so:

And check this out. He's got a body-suit too!

By this point, I was very excited and thinking this is about as much fun as someone can have with data storage. (Oh and there were stickers in the pack too)

Then I plugged him in. (No pics sorry, but a little blue light between his feet comes on)

On the drive was over 300mb of content; wallpapers, icons, games, animations and even a video of Art Brut in concert.

The moral of the story:
A flash drive is never just a flash drive. It's a little character called Gordon, a host of content and the start of a small army of other little characters. Like Douglas Rushkoff once asked, is it the bubblegum or the free trading card you get with it that offers real value?



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