Tuesday, April 22, 2008

damn it London

While I was walking through London this morning I found myself (as I often do) wondering why it felt so different to New York. Today, I was struck by how quiet everyone was. People in the street, people in cafes, builders overhead; they were all just getting on with the day, head down.
I miss the yelling from New York. I swear that from the minute you get up, there are loud voices everywhere. Builders yelling to one another, people chatting loudly on the phone, a guy in a cafe screaming orders over his shoulder - and probably someone singing. Like it or hate it, that gives you energy. It makes you want to yell too.. a little bit. The collective mood in London on a slightly grey morning is one of mourning. Maybe we could arrange a kind of flash-mob where we all yell a lot. Not just for a few minutes but as a general rule. Maybe it'll perk us up a bit?


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