Saturday, April 26, 2008

plasticine dreams

Just found this US Creature Comforts video at Swiss Miss. Love it.

Even though I think the originals were even better:

I just used the word genius several times and my girlfriend asked why? Cute, yes. But genius? So I tried to understand why I love these so much. This is why:

My love for animation is based on escapism and its ability to make the unbelievable believable. The more easily the viewer moves past the illusion and empathises with a character as though it were real, the better. So when genuine, unscripted dialogue is channeled through a blob of plasticine or collection of pixels, it's as though you're filling this fictional thing with a real soul.

A wordy (and perhaps obvious) explanation. But it's something I'm really passionate about. We want to believe. Thank you to Aardman and the other smart people out there that make it effortless to do so.

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