Friday, May 16, 2008

colloquial search

I've been getting quite a lot of people coming to my blog looking for Christiaan Postma’s Clock. I looked into it and saw that if you google "Christiaan Postma’s Clock" my blog is the first result - even before Christiaan's website.

This is interesting. I think.

When we tag or title things we tend to be quite functional, as though we were labelling jars or boxes for moving. I.e. Most people that linked to the clock design tagged it "Christiaan Postma Clock". But when people search, they sometimes use more colloquial language.

I'd be interested to see stats on colloquial vs functional tags and search terms. The language behind SEO implies that functional rules. Is this likely to change as technology becomes more invisible? Or should we include functional and colloquial tags to enhance our chances of being found? God, I'm boring myself. Just a thought...


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