Saturday, June 07, 2008

the best of network premieres, now on iPlayer TV

As we wait for people and culture to catch up with technology, we find ourselves in this strange middle-place where ideas either seem too new, or not new enough, depending on your outlook. In the last few days I've been exposed to some very strange messages.

On Wednesday I saw an ad on a bus saying: "BBC iPlayer, now on TV"
I can't even bring myself to try to get my head round that one. I think it will confuse different people in very different ways.

Then two nights ago I heard the following two messages on TV, in adverts:

1. "The network premiere of [such and such movie] coming soon"
2. "Best of Radiohead - out now"

The concept of a 'network premiere' seems so irrelevant it's almost funny. Exclusivity, when it comes to movies, ends about 24 hours after they appear in theatres. And a Best Of album has its obvious flaws too.

I have a feeling we're in store for a lot more of this kind of messaging while we slowly move away from the Internet, TV and other flashing screens being 'things' we need to differentiate between.

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