Monday, August 04, 2008

last call

I went to Standon Calling at the weekend; a little boutique festival hosted by a guy I know, Alex Trenchard. Some background here.

Last FM sponsored the festival, but I was surprised that they had (as far as my eyes could tell) zero presence at the event.

Not only did I not see the logo anywhere, but they missed a great opportunity to promote the bands that were playing. Many of the bands didn't provide promotional CDs but were savvy enough to merely tell the audience to "search for them". Seems to be the thing to do now.

With the absence of promotional CDs, there was a great opportunity for Last FM to add real value for people and bands alike, simply by adding a Standon Calling playlist where we could find all the acts in one place. Maybe it does exist, but I searched for Standon Calling within Last FM and found nothing. And the music player on the official Standon website featured bands that weren't even there.
Even worse, Standon Calling isn't featured in their events section(!)

Standon is a great little festival (thanks Alex!) and I love Last FM - we even collaborate with them sometimes - but I think this was a massive opportunity missed. And a very simple one too.

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Anonymous Alex Standon said...


Thanks for the 'thanks'.

Last FM were not sponsoring the festival. We were simply using their music player on our website. Standon Calling is an unsponsored event.


4:16 pm  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

ohhhhhh... that'll teach me to come to unfounded conclusions.

IN that case, Last FM if you're reading this: you should sponsor Standon AND do all that I suggest ;)

Cheers mate. Was a good weekend.

4:33 pm  

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