Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i like it. can you make it less interactive?

I had a thought the other day. It's not an amazing thought, so to make it appear more amazing, I'm going to present it in a "high-potency insight". If nothing else, it'll make people cleverer than me disagree passionately in the comments section and then maybe we'll all learn something:

"Make traditional comms more interactive and make digital comms less interactive"

*Strokes chin*

As many people have pointed out; some more elegantly than others, 'there's a lot of stuff out there'. It's very tempting with digital comms to make things as interactive and immersive as possible. Clients of course want their consumers to dump their partners, lose interest in the guitar, forget Facebook exists and spend their afternoons toying with some product-related game or 'community'.

But there's too much stuff asking too much of us. I want the 'Lite' version of everything - especially online. Arguably, it's a smarter tactic to ask for 5 seconds of someone's time every day than to try to squeeze out 20 minutes out of them just once or twice. If I had had more coffee today I would go off on a ramble about the band-aid culture of marketing in general. Not today.

But there's also ways to slim things down without reducing interactivity. it requires a more sensitive approach...

This is brilliant.

And it's a perfect analogy for how all digital communications should be. OK not all. But a lot. It's an onion and you peel away the layers as you see fit. The very existence of the layers act as a hook too. Give it to me quick and let me know there's more.

I'm done. Any more and I'm in danger of looking like I have a conclusion. rant over.

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