Friday, July 25, 2008

brands are people too

Lots of people get very unhappy when brands are referred to as though they were people. Well you know what - the image above is a bloody sink, but I bet you can't help imagine what it's 'thinking'.

Fact is, we can argue all we like; people will still respond to any hint of human characteristic instinctively as though it were a person. 'You' are your primary reference point to anything that isn't you.

Sometimes it's best to hold back from trying to over-rationalise stuff and just accept that if 'something', including a brand appears to conjure up personality or intent then for that moment it becomes a person. It may be made up of words and pictures created by multiple people, but our brains are more interested in the illusion of familiarity. So there.

P.s. I think the sink has caught a glimpse between the legs of a chubby bather and is frightened at the prospect of ghoulish, floating gonads heading its way.



Anonymous andrea said...

To me it looks like it's drooling :(

5:49 pm  

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