Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i feel toronto

I just launched I Feel Toronto. Hooray. But the maps are a blank canvas, awaiting your input. Hopefully. If you know anyone in Toronto, please spread the word. Tell them they'll be an early adopter. Or something.

I also added I Feel Broke to the London, NYC and Toronto maps. Thanks to Eric for the suggestion.

Is Broke a mood? Not really. But 'mood' is just a convenient shorthand for state of mind - or things that affect your state of mind. The important bit is seeing the world through an introspective prism of sorts. Crikey - bit early for sentences like that. Being broke, or just feeling like doing cheap, free or no-frills stuff is definitely a nice way to think about how to spend your time.

I'm now chatting to some geeks (I mean, friends) about doing this whole I Feel thing 'properly'. I'm chuffed so many people have responded passionately to the idea. Now it needs to move away from its invite-only, google-account-reliant, clunky ways. Onward and upward.



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