Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Feel Brainwashed

To continue my mini series: 'My little project and how it's all I think about', I've altered the look of I Feel NYC / I Feel London. I've tried to simplify the messaging, because it was looking a bit complicated in the top right corner.

It used to look like this:

And now it looks like this:

There are some fiddly details as a result of making it invite-only. I have to explain that you need a google account to edit maps, but also ask for people to provide that email when they request an invite.And I need to warn people they'll get one invite per mood map.

It's been an interesting lesson for me. I'm no designer and considering the flow of the user journey is quite challenging. I opted to start with a clean entry point and then explain a few things on the request page. My girlfriend also told me to do this and she's usually right. Sorry. She's always right. I also decided to give people two ways in: To get started on one map, or have them all.

Maybe I should just open the maps up to everyone? But I'm nervous that it would just be abused and plus, these barriers to entry ensure that the people who end up adding things to the maps are very careful and interested people, which has benefited the overall quality of the entries.

Anyhoo.. just thought I'd externalise some of that. I'm all ears for suggestions about how to do it better, but (for the time being) it has to be executed in iWeb. Ah, the art of compromise.

Do please give it a go. And let me know how the experience was for you so I can improve it.

Oh - and I've redone the help videos (again!). I used Snapz Pro X, which is really rather good. Be even better if it came with a voice actor. Someone with a cruel, chocolatey tone. mmmmm.



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