Friday, March 20, 2009

first impressions

I realised earlier that when people follow me on Twitter, I have a ritual to decide if I follow them back: I skim their most recent (say 6 or 7) tweets and make a call based entirely on this shallow analysis of their interests and personality.

This six or seven tweet insight forms a kind of ever-changing first impression. You're only as interesting as your last 7 tweets. Or something.

If you follow me and I didn't return the gesture, don't feel bad. I'm just fickle and just lazy. And look, here are my last seven tweets. They make me look really boring. I wouldn't follow me ;)



Anonymous Aaron said...

That's pretty much how I make the call, 7 is probably the number you can take in in less than a couple of seconds.

3:09 pm  
Anonymous Tim said...

I don't think it's fair to count direct @s

10:31 am  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

it's not about fair.. it's about lazy, sweeping judgements ;)

my first impression of someone in the real world can be affected by witnessing them talking to someone else....

10:33 am  

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