Thursday, July 26, 2007


Tongues and toes: Two body parts that need pleasing on any shopping trip. Of course, you need shoes and only want lunch, but still, in the spirit of excessive consumerism, both require a good sorting out.

Introducing Shooshi.

For those who haven't already put shoe and su together, Shooshi is a concept restaurant where sushi and shoes are served together. Shoppers/diners sit around a conveyor belt (Yo Sushi-style) but alongside the Futo Maki and Maguro on offer are some Patrick Cox high heels and a pair of pristine white Birkenstocks.

A simple interface alerts back room staff to the shoes and sizes you're interested in and by the time you've slurped down your Miso soup and complained that the soy sauce packets are too small, your shoes will be ready to try on.

Investors, please.

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