Thursday, October 25, 2007

new england

I was away from the UK for three months. What changed while I was gone?

Well, there was a female commentator on Match of the Day. (I don't know what she looks like so I've put Goldie Hawn's face on John Motson:)

Banksy (presumably) reclaimed the space above that nasty KCFC chicken-place on Old Street (previously the Pulp Banana Fiction image) with this:

And there's a new TV Channel (UKTV relaunched) called Dave, which is quite interesting and worth a brief analysis.

But the little green man was reassuringly unchanged and made me smile.

If I've missed anything, do share with me. Are there any new buzzwords I should know about? Or reality TV stars I should want to punch in the face? Don't keep them to yourselves.


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