Friday, October 12, 2007

what's it worth to me?

OK, I've just finished listening to In Rainbows. (See below post)
To work out what to pay for it, I'll start at £00.00 and adjust the price based on different factors:

But I think it's a great idea that affected my conscience:
Plus I've loved Radiohead for years
In fact some of it made me nostalgic
And I'm about to move back to London after 3 months in New York, so I feel quite reflective and have some mixed emotions that the album accentuated
Also, knowing I was evaluating it as I listened made me listen closely and appreciate it more than most music I come across
I bought Gomez's first album on iTunes yesterday and that was £7.99 -- This was much better
But considering there are no packaging costs, it seems like it should be a bit cheaper
Plus, music gives me far less pleasure than it used to - it'll just get lost in my iPod and I'll forget I even had it. Or realise that my mood and this experiment made me think it was more valuable than it really was
I do think though, as I said earlier, that you need to pay for things properly to enjoy them. I'm only cheating myself
But all I get is music, right? All this clever marketing and no extra content?
And hang on - I have to enter a long form and register to buy it!

£7.50 it is.

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