Tuesday, January 22, 2008

reassembling information - part 1

I'm about to completely rush and under-sell a thought. But hey - here's to being always in beta. I'll follow it up properly soon.
This idea was reinvigorated the other day when I read the following words via Russell's (must start linking to other people) post on Peak Advertising:

"2008 is the year we hit Peak Attention. You can either carry on encountering as much as you do now, giving every input less and less attention every year, or you can start managing it, keeping some back to take long-haul attention flights. What are the consequences of living post-Peak Attention? Nobody will be able to understand anything hard unless they make sacrifices."

These were the words of Matt Webb, over at Interconnected.

I for one have lots of little yellow stars next to all the lengthy - more 'academic' - posts in my Google Reader. I find myself skimming through the easily digestible items and marking more demanding posts to "read properly" later. Sadly I often don't get round to them for weeks.

Point is: We're getting really good at filtering the 'pieces' we want from everywhere, but I feel like we need to get better and bringing them back together again into more valuable, 'proper things'. We could succeed where all the king's horses and all the king's men failed and put - ahem - humpty back together again (in new forms where he.. oh god Andy, stop talking) Let's just say I'm a little bored of snacking all the time.

I'm running out of time so I'll finish this post later, but I have the beginnings of an idea that I think could be an interesting evolution of blodget* culture.

*Blogs and widgets. Throw me a bone.


Anonymous noah brier said...

i find myself in the same predicament. most of the time i print out the longer stuff and try to read it on commutes or while lying on the couch. the screen, i think, drives us towards the shorter content nuggets . . .

curious to hear more on your blodgets.

4:50 pm  
Blogger Andy said...

there are several things I wish I hadn't have written in that post. Blodget was one of them.

I promise part 2 will at least slightly more interesting and slightly less like I'm blogging from a tequila bar.

9:13 am  

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