Wednesday, January 09, 2008

if jack stopped to blog...

I love awkward location-specific marketing. You can almost see the creative team trying desperately to post-rationalise a link between the product and the place. The coffee cup ad above for 24 reads:

If Jack stopped for coffee millions of people would die

You clearly don't know Jack like I do. He would not only stop for coffee, he would use it to scold an enemy, spill it onto some top secret papers to reveal a hidden message and signal a colleague by dropping sugars into it in morse code.

p.s. Why is the 3 mpx camera on my Blackberry Curve shitter than the 2 mpx camera on my Nokia?


Anonymous Creative Spark said...

and only at a store he'd located by trianglulation and dropped into by helicopter

I'm just enjoying the image of Jack muttering "grande" through gritted teeth.

Nice use of the word "shitter" and fantastic blog (I'm a big nowincolor fan)

=) Marc

8:41 am  
Blogger Andy said...

hey thanks marc. That brings the number of nowincolour fans to... one!

thanks for commenting. Although I think the script is too fast-paced for him to actually order his coffee. I imagine he winks at the waitress through the sight of his gun as he takes out a sniper - and she just knows...

1:11 pm  
Anonymous Aaron said...

Scold or scald?! Nice blog, Aaron

10:28 am  
Blogger Andy said...

Yup - you got me. Scald it is. I completely "decimated" the english language there.

thanks dad, i mean, aaron ;)

10:38 am  

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