Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I recently read Iain's post about ditching the free newspapers in favour of better commuting brain-food. I must admit I've faced the same demon and often been defeated. Well today I found a solution. It's called RSScalator. Basically, don't spend your entire tube journey reading the Metro: Read a book (or sleep or whatever) and then grab a newspaper from the pile people dump on the way out the station. You'll find the time it takes to get to the top of the escalator is just right for reading all the headlines and getting a gist of what was in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
You could take that one step further Andy and take the paper home, cut it into little squares and use it wipe your ass with like they did in the olden days
However there are some papers that write so much bombastic shit and hyperbole you shouldn't even dirty your ass with them.
I could expand this, but its 10.30am and I've had my morning coffee.


10:52 am  

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