Thursday, March 27, 2008

never black and white

People have a great knack of using different tools towards a solitary goal. For instance: having Amie St open to discover new bands, Last FM or iTunes open to preview more of their songs and then a third client open to download/steal them.

I saw a great meatspace example of 'multi-tooling' this morning on the tube. A guy was leaning into a retro looking comic, reading it attentively. The comic was Italian, though. So also within his grasp was an English-Italian dictionary, which he flicked through after every few seconds to work out if the superhero had promised the villain he would destroy him or pick up his laundry by 3.

I thought that was rather charming.

While on the subject, a couple of years ago I watched an elderly man studying a page incredibly closely. His concentration was amazing and he seemed quite emotional. He was gently moving his finger through the air as he read. I was gripped.
Only when I left the train did I realise he was reading sheet music. Love it.


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