Wednesday, May 21, 2008

egg cog

I'm tempted to bash this just for being yet another Cog. But it is really well done. Amazingly intricate at the end. Quite compelling to watch.

Sod it. I'm going to bash it anyway. Jesus! Will everyone STOP doing Cog movies. I think we should make an elaborate contraption that sends them all into a big firey pit where we don't have to look at them any more.


Anonymous noah brier said...

To be fair, Rube Goldberg machines existed long before Honda Cog ...

1:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop making something as nice as this? That would be a crime.

2:49 am  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

Well I'm ambivalent, as my intro suggested. However, I shall respond via the metaphor of ice cream:

I love ice cream.
But if I get fed ice cream every day I start to feel sick.

Even if the guy that invented ice cream came along and offered me his - the original - I wouldn't want to eat it. Well, maybe a small taste.

Should people stop making ice cream? Hell no. But maybe it should all get put into a large ice cream parlour so people that want it can enjoy it in abundance and the rest of us can have a salad or a creme brulee.

It is good though isn't it. Quite fancy some ice cream now.

8:35 am  
Anonymous nathan said...

i didn't blog this.

so there.

10:37 pm  

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