Thursday, June 12, 2008

BMW GINA - Flexible skin

This is fantastic.

More here.

Spotted by Marc, who has an excellent eye for things

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear editors, referring to the publication of this article Bmw Gina, I wanted to inform you that the inventor and creator of external coatings for cars in any material, I am the owner since 2006 with the Patent No. 0000091380 granted by the Ministry of Productive Activities, therefore, also known as of the legal department of BMW, in fact they also my patent is this .... But they do not want to sit at the table of negotiation, and have ended any possibility of talks, so I'm starting a campaign to disclose quest' the which was also copied by Peugeot, who has exhibited in Paris 1007 covered with a cloth (see youtube Peugeot showroom), which, however, after my formal notice was promptly removed from the window ... are available to answer your questions and evidence of the above mentioned, I thank you if you help me in this, cordial greetings.
Giuseppe Bianco

1:40 pm  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

How exciting! I doubt anyone from BMW will ever find my blog though ;)

Good luck!

2:05 pm  

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