Monday, June 09, 2008

oh god, it's happened

I joined Twitter. I joined it partly because of this. Partly because it's my job to know about these things. Partly because I secretly yearn for more outlets for my senseless blathering. Partly because it's a Monday - and it it feel like a Monday sort of thing to do. Partly because it's sunny and MGMT is playing in the background. And partly so I can have an opinion about it beyond: Meh.

Hello world.



Blogger Charles Frith said...

Welcome!. Love the title size for your posts. Envy here already :)

3:26 pm  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

thanks Charles. I don't actually understand what you're saying - but it sounds like a compliment!

(feeling a bit dim today - partly because of my clunky and late tinkering with twitter)

3:31 pm  
Anonymous Asi said...

I can't believe this....I've got exactly the same post in draft from this morning ...

I was looking for an excuse to sit on a hill and eat my hat ( and Bkkeepr seems to be the perfect one...

hmmmm....maybe i shall restist the social pressure...

4:10 pm  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

your final three dots tell me you won't be resisting anything Asi. haha

4:22 pm  

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