Friday, August 22, 2008

feelers & failure

OK. "Toronto, by mood, by me. A bit."

I launched I Feel Toronto on the back of the moderate success of NYC & London. I timed it to coincide with this national press coverage I was getting in Canada's The Globe and Mail.

Almost 400 people have looked at the maps. Only nine people requested an invite. And not a sole added to a map.

I can safely say I Feel Toronto was a failure. (Fighting the urge to do an unhappy face)

This whole thing has been very interesting for me.
It's easy to jump to naive conclusions with such small amount of data, but I can't help but feel that one of the biggest barriers for Toronto was that there was close to no entries on the maps when people arrived. It's all very well giving people tools and saying 'go add stuff', but that requires effort. With I Feel NYC and London, there was a good handful of entries by me and friends to kick things off. So people could browse a little and get some instant gratification.

And not to mention the overall clunkyness and deadness of the experience.

Anyhoo. I'm not put off. In fact, I've just teamed up with someone (who will be revealed soon) to relaunch the I Feel project with much richer functionality. I.e. Not made in iWeb. It will be much easier to use, much more rewarding and have social elements built-in. I still believe in the idea and I'm taking some of these learnings and failures to make sure round two works out better.

As always in the land of free-love/opinion, your thoughts, advise or ridicule are more than welcome.


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