Tuesday, October 14, 2008

unlit with jont, dave, orange, monkey and poke

There's always a little hesitation when bloggers poise to promote themselves or their agency.

This (brief) story is a fine example of how such projects tend to span agendas and personal involvement in ways that make 'self-promotion' an unsatisfactory simplification. Or something less wordy.

I only had light professional involvement with this Poke project, The Orange Unlit Tour - a series of gigs played in people's houses across the country.

But by chance I knew personally, the people involved in it. Dave, the director and partner (of sorts) to Jont, is a friend of mine. I've known him for a few years through my friend Tash. The three of us can be seen below. (That's right, I'm pretty 'street' out of office hours)

Bizarrely, I had recommended to Poke that we work with Jont and Dave for a different project a few weeks before I heard about this one, not knowing they were already talking. And I had been to two previous Unlit gigs at Dave's house. (I appear briefly in one of the other YouTube videos)

To make things more interesting, I also know the Producer they subsequently hired: Garfield. I know him through a girl I used to work with. All very strange. I snuck onto the bus just before they left and took a rubbish photo of Dave and Garfield. Then I made a comment about their sleeping arrangement to make them suitably uncomfortable and left them to it.

So here I am with a Poke project involving two people I know separately and based around an event I had been to.

I have bias shooting from every pore. So I won't say toooo much about this.

What I will say is that the tour looked like a lot of fun. And it was put together by a bunch of people that all loosely knew each other. Even the peeps at Poke and Orange get on really well outside work.

If I have a point, it's that probably that there is naturally scepticism when any brand supports an initiative that existed without it and having been to the original Unlits, I was particularly aware of it. But I think this was done very tastefully and Jont and Dave were over the moon with the support of Orange. I think. Dave? Orange has, for me, always been quite an intimate brand and it fits well with the mood of these house-gigs.
From my fairly unique view-point this project looked to have been put together by a bunch of people (agency-side, client-side, production-side and performance-side) that all loosely knew each other and loved what they were doing. That seems to me, the best expression of what Orange are trying to support.

Group hug anyone?

The video is worth a look, especially if seeing interesting bands play in people's houses sounds fun to you. I watched it all the way through, which is rare for me. It starts a little slowly in my opinion, but the last two thirds are great. I really wish I had been there for the Mongolian Throat singers!

Anyhoo, here's the video:


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