Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the sleeveface family tree?

Just saw yet another sleeveface rip-off. These guys didn't even try to make the copy fit with the image.

I sigh (again), along with Neil, who feels the same pain.

Anyway, it reminded me of two other things. First this - a nice different spin and presumably not a sleeveface rip-off, although I really can't be bothered to research it.

And lastly...

I was watching the awesome Arrested Development recently and saw what could potentially have been the original inspiration for Sleeveface. In the final episode of Season Two, 'Righteous Brothers', GOB is driving in his brother, Michael's car when he finds a mix-tape he had made for Michael.
A photo of Michael's face adorns the tape and as GOB holds it up in front of his own face he gets snapped by a speed camera. The photo is used as legal evidence that it was in fact Michael who was in the car and not GOB.

It's ok. It's a comedy.

This is the only grab I could find:

The moral of the story?
1. This isn't that interesting. I should find something else to write about
2. We get it, it's fun to hold photos up when they blend into their surroundings
3. The next person that rips this off is going to have me and Neil arrive at their door with stern looks and empty threats. You heard.



Anonymous alansmithee said...

It's remind me, thank you.
I saw some YouTube, I like the type of works.

Anyway,How are you doing?

1:37 am  

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