Friday, October 03, 2008

rubbish blackberry photo observations #402

Both pictures taken on my RUBBISH blackberry camera on the way to work two days ago.

1. BAD
Jack Daniels deja vu. Haven't we been told every day for the last five years that it's Jack's birthday?? I'm getting bored of it. The British don't need an excuse to drink. I'll celebrate the tying of my shoelace if it helps get things going.

Nice sign on the till in Pret. Translation due to rubbish camera: "We're legally required to add on VAT when you eat in. Nightmare."

I love signage like this. (and this and this)
You might say it's contrived, but I like it. When it's done well. Nice.


Blogger Dan said...

I remember Adam Buxton of Adam and Joe ranting about how much he hated the Pret one - 'Like Davina McCall in sign form'...

11:57 am  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

haha. fair point.
i find that when a conversational tone is applied to paper it can change over time anyway. I.e. When I read it for the first time this morning it came across quite naturally. In the context of this conversation and seeing it stare back at me, it's now starting to grate at me a little!
Still like it. A bit. :)

12:38 pm  

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