Monday, January 26, 2009

hot black desiatio

Never before this weekend had I been stopped in my tracks my a 'For Sale' sign. It was black, from edge to edge, with the words "Hot Black Desiato" printed on it.

Intrigued, I popped my head into Google and subsequently Wikipedia to find out what was going on.

From Wikipedia:
"Hotblack Desiato is the ajuitar keyboard player of the rock group Disaster Area, claimed to be the loudest band in the universe, and in fact the loudest sound of any kind, anywhere. So loud is this band that the audience usually listens from the safe distance of thirty seven miles away in a well-built concrete bunker. Disaster Area's lavish performances went so far as to crash a space ship into the sun to create a solar flare."
Wow - so it's a Hitchhiker's Guide thing. But no - it was actually an estate agents first!
"The character is named after an estate agency based in Islington, with branches throughout North London; Adams said he was struggling to find a name for the character and, spotting a Hotblack Desiato sign, liked the name so much he "nearly crashed the car" and eventually telephoned to ask permission to use the firm's name for a character."
Why have I never heard of this before?
I want to sell my house just so I can have one of their 'After Eight-esque' signposts in my garden.


Anonymous lauren said...

he liked the name so much he "nearly crashed the car".. i think that's easily my newest barometer reading for everything this year. i liked it so much i nearly crashed the car. :D

9:40 am  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

interestingly, my creative writing tutor at college, Mike Fox told us that was also the goal for copywriters in his ad agency in the 80s.

9:44 am  

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