Monday, January 19, 2009

double irony attempt

It's a brave man that attempts to describe a moment with two layers of (actual) irony. Here goes:

This morning I placed my fresh mug of coffee down on my bedside table. To arm myself for the week ahead I began to gather up the things I needed, including a "get one free" card for my local coffee shop..

My tired fingers fumbled and the card plopped into my mug coffee.

Irony 1: My coffee was ruined by the ink on a card that existed only to provide me with coffee
Irony 2: The card was ruined, by the very beverage it had worked so hard to represent, thus rendering itself incapable of replacing said coffee.

This was not very interesting. I apologise.


Anonymous lauren said...

you mightn't have thought it was interesting, but i chuckled. which means that at least your attempt at double irony worked :)

6:50 pm  

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