Wednesday, January 07, 2009

damn you words

Words are amazing. Once they're set free, they not only retain the thought you intended, they steal it and give it to other people.

At the weekend I put up a note on I Feel London telling people that a new version of the site was coming soon and to click the note to request an email when it goes live.

I decided to pre-populate the email subject with what I imagined people would be thinking. It reads:

"ok, I'm interested - it's about time you improved this thing" (I'm a real card)

What I didn't expect though, is how I felt when the first few emails started coming through. 'How rude', I thought.

Despite rationalising that it was me who wrote the words and these nice people merely clicked the button, my pride took a subconcious hit.

What was I hoping for? That they might change the subject to read:
"Are you kidding? This thing's awesome. You're awesome! I'm going to go and tell my kids that they have to move out so I can turn their bedrooms into I Feel shrines."

After a few more emails this embarrassing angst left me and I returned to being normal human.

I might leave a note by my bed tonight saying: "Don't bother getting up, loser" - see if I take it personally in the morning.


Blogger Caspian Ievers said...

On top of that your link to the I Feel London is wrong ;o) but don't let it get you down. I think it is a damn fine idea and I have passed the link to my fiends. While it is only a small getsure I felt it was worth sharing.

8:32 pm  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

oops - thanks Caspian - fixed :)

9:10 pm  

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