Thursday, January 22, 2009

when quick isn't quick

I just attempted to read an FT article online.

After the first couple of sentences it told me:
To continue reading this article, please register – it’s quick, free and without obligation...

So I tried. And I was shown this:

Perhaps I'm slow. Maybe I'm too lazy to read much, but when I see a page like this, it aint "quick".

It's paralysing. I feel like eating my laptop just to make the noise go away.

It's easy to rationalise that something is quick. But if you're going to put a biblical feast of information between me and wanting to read the next paragraph of your article - you're missing the point a bit.

You could also argue that it took more energy to write this post than it would have done to read that page. But writing this is doing things on my terms.

Effort isn't directly proportional to the amount of work that needs to be done. It also concerns that individual's desires and expectations.

Moan over.

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Anonymous Mike said...

Duuude it's pretty instantly clear where you would need to go..maybe you're just getting annoyed with all the signups around the place. I know I couldn't be bothered registering at any dang site just to read one of their articles.

9:19 am  
Blogger Andy Whitlock said...

Hey Mike.

I'm used to 20-second sign-ups (how things should be).

And I'm very, very lazy.

And a terrible skim-reader.

And I get easily overwhelmed with lots of information. I'm the same in a physical space. When I go to airports and department stores I get totally paralysed by all the stuff in front of me.

Hmm. I think maybe it's me and not the page ;)

9:56 am  

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