Thursday, February 05, 2009

pay pal calls on its 'pals'

I just received this message form PayPal. It's an email asking me to send a video to my friends to show them how easy it is to use PayPal.

Firstly, if it's easy to use then why did you feel the need to make a video?
Secondly, you can't ask people to send something to their friends. If they like it they'll send it. It's fairly easy to share things these days. Spend your energy focussing on making good shit that people will want to share. And they'll feel smarter for deciding all by themselves that it's worth sharing.

I didn't even watch it. I wrote this instead. So there.

Right, what can I moan about next?...


Anonymous Tim said...

UGC video is becoming one of those annoying boxes to tick. We get about two briefs a week with a video upload + gallery requirement.

11:54 am  
Anonymous Credit Cards UK said...

Clients love that crap though, bless em, they think they're engaging the consumer.

11:28 am  

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