Wednesday, April 01, 2009

bakertweet, made by poke

"How? How the f**k did you actually do that?" was my basic line of questioning when Zolty, a Poke colleague showed me this the other week:

This is Bakertweet. It's not an April Fools hoax. If it was it wouldn't be very funny. And Poke are good at being funny.

They're also good at being clever bastards.

I say 'they' because I'm an ideas person. I'm good with concepts, frameworks. You know, charts and pixels and stuff. So I marvel when people can just make really clever stuff. For real.

Bakertweet is a box of electronics that allows our local bakery, Albion (London E1) to tweet when bread is fresh from the oven simply by turning the dial and pressing the button.

You can follow Albion's bakertweet here.

It's clever innit. I can say this because I had nothing to do with it. :)

Iain explains a little more over here.

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