Monday, May 18, 2009

how to make people think

Warning: Short post written through the haze of Monday morning tiredness:

I'm a big fan of small gestures that have a disproportionate affect on the world around them. I saw a great example of this in Whole Foods the other week in New York. On the bins - which are marked by category: plastic; paper; tin etc - the 'trash' bit said: "Landfill" in big letters.

I hesitated, paralysed by the word landfill and all it implies and double-checked that everything I was putting in there could in fact not be recycled.

I think this kind of simple change in the language of signage can have a brilliant affect on behaviour.

Someone else agreed this was great - and luckily I can use his photo:


Anonymous Noah Brier said...

Along those lines, I snapped this picture at someone's office a few weeks ago: ... It was on a paper towel dispenser and said "Remember these comes from trees. This sticker will save 100lbs of paper every year."

10:46 am  
Anonymous Kyle said...

I first saw this technique mentioned on Adaptive Path's site. (near the bottom of the page)

It's a wonderful idea —- I'd love to see a big multinational company pick up on it (fast food chains, maybe).

6:20 pm  
Anonymous Asi said...

Obvious + Genius


5:21 am  

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