Tuesday, June 16, 2009

threadcaking, anyone?

There's something very 'internetty' about this lovely idea. Threadless are asking fans* to make cakes of their favourite T-shirt designs.

*[Is 'fans' a reasonable term to use? Fans feels passive. But people that engage with this kind of thing are anything but. I suppose these days the word fan means something very different.]

That cake is an accepted 'medium' for T-shirt advocacy speaks layers (sorry) about our effortless participation adoption of recombinant culture. The fluidity of ideas and media has reached a point where we can instantly accept the metamorphosis of an idea into an unusual new form with no explanation necessary.

I love it.


Anonymous Angus said...

Oh yeah, that's fucking great.

10:57 am  
Anonymous Andrew Robinson said...

My friend is a colleague of the guy who made this

They have a competative cake baking competition at work and this was his entry.

Google liked it so much they posted it on their blog

1:19 pm  
Anonymous Asi said...

Like almost everything internetty, the geeks have had it first...this one goes back to 2006


great looking blog you got there mate...i recently noticed that some of us are getting excited about new blog design as if it were a new haircut.


6:37 pm  

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