Friday, July 27, 2007

doctor evil

It inspi(RED) some and bo(RED) others, but it's a fact that Product (RED) is built on a cynical acknowledgement: That the best way to get people supporting a cause is making sure there's something in it for them. Rather than try to inspire altruism - as many have and failed - this project harnesses the power of commercialism and the pull of materialism, for some good.

Whether this is the most positive way of educating the developed world about AIDS in Africa is questionable. What is undoubtedly smart is transforming the energy of self-indulgence into aid. Reminds me of that old martial arts concept of using an enemy's strength against him.

It got me thinking too. How far can you push this idea?

It's much easier being evil than being good, which is why actors prefer to play villains and why even Google has on occasion fallen short of its corporate promise. What if we could manipulate evil behaviour - doctor it (had to justify the post title didn't I) - and turn it into good?

- Pay-per-view videos of people falling and hurting themselves to raise money?
- Aid-tax on every missile fired by the government?
- Cheat on your lover, sponsor a child?
- Or, I don't know, sharks with frikkin laser beams repairing dams?


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