Thursday, August 09, 2007


I went to see The Shapes Of Space at the Guggenheim on Saturday. After studying art for years and learning how to post-rationalise (read: bullshit) I have developed into a tainted and infrequent appreciator of gallery art. I liken my gallery visits to thumbing through the clothes in a thrift store. If I go through enough shit I might find a gem.

The gem for me at TSOS was the work of Yuken Teruya, who cleverly made cuts into paper bags to sculpt little trees that appeared to grow inside them. I managed to take these pictures of a Happy Meal shrub before being told off for using a camera:

You can see more of Teruya's work here.

I've seen other examples of clever paper-crafting recently, but what makes this stand out is that two tree shapes were cut out, folded down and twisted together to make 3-dimensional forms.

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