Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the wall

I've been amused recently at the traces left when etiquettes (or lack of them) collide between meatspace and the online world. I've been collecting screen grabs of comments and announcements that paint a picture of this new world and thought I'd share some.

The first is a list of comments under a Wired article. Advertisers, be warned. AT&T had created a pop-up ad before the article and every comment was an attack on the network. Nice reminder that a 'comment' button is an open invitation.

Next is a grab of three consecutive posts on Myspace by members commenting on the winning short film for the My Movie Mash-up initiative. We've seen this before, but I thought its juxtaposition between two genuine comments was amusing - even more so for the bad grammar. Imagine these as verbal contributions in a live panel at a film festival.

My third example is a Facebook feed. I still haven't adjusted to the way every tiny detail of people's lives is broadcast. This is a couple I know that decided between themselves that after probably 6 months together they were no longer just 'casually' seeing each other. To the rest of us the transition was invisible and fairly incidental; their behaviour was the same. But in the age of Facebook, every incremental change is a Bloomberg-style bulletin. Weird. And I love that I have the option to share the news, just in case someone on the Internet didn't see it. Oh, I've done this now.

Finally, an example of a sub-culture that I'm sure you've seen in posting columns. Teenagers (presumably) crave being the first to make a comment - so much so that the comment itself becomes an unnecessary obstacle. I've had this idea for a while that online comment boards are the new graffiti - I guess a whitewashed wall is the most prized canvas.

I'd love to hear from Meathammer. Or anyone else that other interesting examples of this kind of thing.


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