Monday, October 29, 2007

my other bus is a boat

When you think of commuting in London, you think of this:

And maybe this:

But never this:

That's how I felt too, until this week.

I'm living on the Isle of Dogs for a few weeks while I wait for my flat to be refurbished. It's a bit out the way of everywhere, but the ferry stops right outside the front door. It's absolutely the most exhilarating way to travel through London - although, granted, you're limited to the watery parts.

I work in brand comms, but my particular passion is causing people to rethink something fundamental; something that doesn't need rethinking because it is what it is. Well, travelling on the Thames Clipper has done that to commuting for me. It's almost like being transported to another time, not just another part of London, because even the etiquette on board and the lack of crowds makes it a completely different experience.



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