Monday, January 28, 2008

pdf to mp3?

God, I'm on fire today.

I tell you what we need, a bit of software (of course) that turns pdfs and word docs into mp3s/podcasts. I've still got Faris' IPA thesis to read, but it's 60 bloody pages. I can't read it on-screen and I feel slightly guilty about using the printer where I'm freelancing for that much paper.

Anything out there that can do that?... Faris, maybe you could read it out Willie Rushton-style and record it..

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Blogger RaxRaxRax said...

Hi Andy

I tried out yesterday.

Looks cool. You'll have to cut and paste text, but the voice is fairly convincing.


2:04 pm  
Blogger Faris said...

hey dude

the ipa published version has less pix and looks much shorter - you can get it and the rest here;

rock on


3:16 pm  

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