Wednesday, April 15, 2009

zero-tilt gaming

So, until the summer release of the next iPhone, I'm stuck with my Blackberry Curve. Meanwhile, friends and colleagues continue to tease me, moving pixels by dragging their fingers across their screens and tilting the handset.

I thought my extended wait might be easier to deal with if I embraced the Blackberry's strengths.

So I've made some 'games' that have been designed to take advantage of non-iPhone features. Specifically, I've focussed on the Blackberry's rigid-ometer. The feature that prevents the tilting of the phone from (annoyingly) affecting the contents on-screen.

Introducing Zero-Tilt Gaming.
Tilt and shake your handset as much as you like - nothing will change at all!

I've made three games so far:

Simply add one of these images as a wallpaper to your phone and you're ready to play. No matter how much you tilt or shake your phone, they will not move or change. That's persistence plus fun, times awesome. App store eat your <3 out.

You can download the images without titles here: Guard, Cat, Protester for a purer gaming experience. They're 320x240 pixels - which is the right size for the Blackberry Curve.

Try them out and make sure you show your slippy-pixelled iPhone-owning friends.


Anonymous David Terranova said...

it's a winner, love it

12:56 pm  

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