Sunday, November 04, 2007

indecision like no other

I'm getting increasingly confused by the Sony brand.

After the success and popularity of the 'colour like no other' campaign, Sony has started to roll out the 'like no other' thought across other territories. Makes sense. It's quite nice. Although 'colour like no other' rolls off the tongue much nicer than some of the others.

Anyway, the latest is 'music like no other' - as seen attached to the new Walkman Project.

Fine. Only the Walkman range also uses this monstrosity:

This exact technique - base on Milton Glaser's much copied graphic - has been attempted by various other brands including adidas and more recently, The London Underground. Sony Ericsson's version fails most convincingly because I don't think this swirly Sony Ericsson logo 'means' anything to people. The London Underground's campaign worked better because at least the LU symbol is a staple of British design and it represents the very veins that run through the city. This is just try-hard. It basically says: Please think we're a stronger brand than we are.

I digress.

Sony Ericsson.
I #$@ music.
Music Like No Other.

Amusingly, I even found a page where the Music Like No Other ad was being screened. Look at the ad campaign opposite.

It's really confusing. Please stop!
The Walkman is an incredibly strong brand on its own. Is it Sony Ericsson or Sony? (I've seen both) Do I #%$ music, or is it music like no other?? Does anyone care?

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